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gma-012.jpgphilippines_people_power_pr.jpgphilippines_people_power_pr.jpgphilippines_people_power_pr.jpgphilippines_people_power_pr.jpgAdopted by the 9th BISIG National Congress

24 May 2003


I.        The ideologues of capitalism and neo-liberalism still insist on gloating and bluffing over the supposed “failure of socialism” and “crisis of the left”. It is impossible for them to understand that this so-called crisis is but a mere temporary retreat of socialist praxis. (more…)



(Presented at the 9th National Congress of BISIG, 24-25 May 2003, Ciudad Christhia, San Mateo, Rizal)

This historical moment is marked by the universalization of capitalism, as depicted in the process of neo-liberal globalization.  Capitalism’s logic  – of accumulation, commodification, profit-maximization, and competition – has penetrated just about every aspect of human life and nature itself.  It is within this orbit of globalizing capitalism that structural changes, as well as structural continuity, in the world in general and in the Philippine society in particular has to be contextualized.  The drive for capital accumulation is, of course, not the only process at work but it is hard to make any sense of the changes in the Philippine society without closely examining it.  (more…)

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In the past 20 years, BISIG has been struggling and working for the establishment of a humane, just and democratic Philippine society. Our vision is for the Filipino people enjoy Filipino Socialism – a self-managing people’s socialim that is truly democratic and founded in Philippine context.

BISIG works with social movements and political parties, locally and internationally, to create a broad unity that will end the exploitation, oppression and alienation brought by the system of capitalist globalization to the workers and other marginalized classes and sectors .

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