Statement of
Chairman, Laban ng Masa

We deplore the arrest of Jose Ma. Sison. The self-righteous glee of the National Security Adviser in his TV appearance exposed the sinister involvement of the Arroyo administration in this sordid affair. (more…)


magdalo.pngmagdalo.pngmagdalo.pngmagdalo.png TRILLANES, PAGLINGKURIN!

Statement of Unity

23 August 2007

It is not Senator Antonio F. Trillanes IV on trial today. The Senator has already been vindicated by the vote of the people.

On the docks today is the prevailing political system, dubiously dubbed as a “democracy” but incapacitated by the tyranny under Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. (more…)

img_0080.jpgJanuary 25, 2005
By Walden Bello

(Speech at Karangalan 2005, Cultural Center of the Philippines , January 21, 2005)

Walden Bello is a recipient of the Right Livelihood Award for 2003. He is professor of sociology and public administration at the University of the Philippines and executive director of the Bangkok-based Focus on the Global South.

I would like to thank the organizers of this event, particularly my co-awardee of the Right Livelihood Award for 2003, Nicky Perlas, for inviting me to speak at this event. Nicky’s optimism, as many of you know, is infectious, and I do hope all of us will be infected by it today.

I think our previous speakers have already alluded to the mood of dispiritedness that shrouds the country today. Perhaps more than at any other time, self doubt has become a chronic collective neurosis. For some the way out is to emigrate, an option that according to the polls is preferred by one out of five Filipinos. (more…)




WE are conms_word_logo.gifms_word_logo.gifcerned people’s organizations who wish to add our voice to the growing number of people who are against the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA). 

We urge the members of Senate not to ratify the treaty and to demand transparency from the Executive in its future negotiations so as not to repeat the experience with JPEPA where the Filipino people were kept completely in the dark until the treaty has been signed.  We likewise urge the members of Senate to study carefully the implications of JPEPA to the country’s economy, sovereignty and the Filipino people. 

Our worry over JPEPA stems from the following: (more…)

Tuesday, Jul 11, 2006
By: Gregory Wilpert –

In what appeared to be a surprise to almost everyone, on January 30, 2005, in a speech to the 5th World Social Forum, President Hugo Chavez announced that he supported the creation of socialism of the 21st century in Venezuela. According to Chavez, this socialism would be different from the socialism of the 20th century. While Chavez was vague about exactly how this new socialism would be different, he implied it would not be a state socialism as was practiced in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe or as is practiced in Cuba today. Rather, it would be a socialism that would be more pluralistic and less state-centered

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Tuesday, Jul 31, 2007

By: Chris Carlson –

Mérida, July 31, 2007 ( As part of a policy to promote a new socialist production model for the country, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has inaugurated several new “socialist production centers” around the country in the last few days. Last Thursday and Friday the president traveled around the country to inaugurate companies to increase agricultural production as well as the production of housing. On Sunday, the construction of a cotton-processing plant was inaugurated. (more…)

gma-012.jpgphilippines_people_power_pr.jpgphilippines_people_power_pr.jpgphilippines_people_power_pr.jpgphilippines_people_power_pr.jpgAdopted by the 9th BISIG National Congress

24 May 2003


I.        The ideologues of capitalism and neo-liberalism still insist on gloating and bluffing over the supposed “failure of socialism” and “crisis of the left”. It is impossible for them to understand that this so-called crisis is but a mere temporary retreat of socialist praxis. (more…)